NOTICE REGARDING SPECIAL SCRUTINY with Form [Ref. NO VU/CE/GD/Exam/2519/2020 Dated 12/08/2020]
Notification [ Ref. No VU/R/PhD/355/2020 Dated 12.08.2020]
Notification [Ref. No VU/R/Ph.D/357/20 Dated 12.08.2020]
Procurement of one laptop for dept of Remote Sensing & GIS , VU [ Ref. No VU/FO/Tender/13/2020 Dated 12/08/2020]
Notification regarding admission in M.Sc. in Environmental Science Part-II (New Syllabus) Session : 2019-2020 for DDE students only. [Ref. No. : VU/DDE/D/706/2020; Dated: 12/08/2020]
PUBLIC NOTIFICATION regarding syllabus of B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology
Notification for Course Work Classes of Ph.D. Programme in Physics for the session 2019-2020
Notification regarding Home Assignment [Ref. No. : VU/DDE/D/705/2020 Dated: 10/08/2020].
Circular of Ad-Hoc Bonus for the Casual Employees of the year 2019-20


Sealed quotations are invited for procurement of consumables [Ref no VU/FO/Tender/12/2020 Dated 07.08.2020]

Notification regarding admission in Part - II (New Syllabus) Session : 2019-2020 for DDE students only. [Ref. No. : VU/DDE/D/704/2020; Dated: 07/08/2020]

Notification regarding Re-examination / Review and RTI under Distance Mode.


CORRIGENDUM Reference Employment Notification : VU/R/Advt/02/2020 Dated 27/07/2020 [Memo No.: VU/R/Corr./02A/2020 Dated 05.08.2020]

Notification - CORONA KAVACH [Ref. No VU/FO/62/2020 Dated 05/08/2020]

Notification (Memo No. VU/R/Noti./C0180/2020 Dated 31.07.2020)

Addendum to the Admission notification for the UG Courses of studies (Academic Session 2020-2021) for General Degree Colleges, Vidyasagar University

Application form for University ICT support/service for holding online seminar, conference, workshop, meeting etc

Employment Notification [ Ref. No VU/R/Advt/02/2020 Dated 27/07/2020]

Admission notification for the UG Courses of studies (Academic Session 2020-2021) for General Degree Colleges, Vidyasagar University

Notification [Memo No. VU/R/Noti.lC0176/2020 dated 27.07.2020.]

Filling up of vacancies for the post of Parliamentary Interpreter [Level 10 (Rs. 56100-177500) in the Pay Matrix] on Direct Recruitment basis in Lok Sabha Secretariat

Notification for the payment of due admission fees (Ref. No. VU / PG /84 /20 Date-17.07.2020)

Notification regarding Home Assignment [Ref. No. : VU/DDE/D/695/2020 Dated: 08/07/2020].

COMPUTER PROCESSING CHARGES FOR PG FINAL SEMESTER (For VU Students Only) [Ref No VU/CE/PG/GD/2501/2020 Dated 06.07.2020]

Notification regarding Final Year Pending Examinations under Distance Mode [Ref. No. : VU/DDE/D/694/2020 Dated: 03/07/2020]

Notice [ VU/CE/GD/Exam/2498/2020 Dated 01.07.2020]

Notification [ Ref. No VU/R/8EC-31/Noti/C158/2020 Dated 29.06.2020]

Notification [Memo No VU/R/Noti/C156/2020 Dated 26.06.2020]

Notification [Ref. No VC/Secy/Notice/GEN-17/2020 Date 17.06.2020]

Notification [Memo No VU/R/Noti/557/2020 Dated 25.06.2020]

Notification [Memo No VU/R/Noti/556/2020 Dated 25.06.2020]

Result of B.Ed. Special Education for 1st Semester and 3rd Semester

Report on Webinar on World Environment Day organized by Vidyasagar University & Centre for Environmental Studies (CES) on 5th June, 2020

URGENT - Letter from the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor , Vidyasagar University [Ref. No VU/VC/URGENT-13/2020 Dated 18.06.2020]

Notification [Ref. No VC/SECY/NOTICE/GEN-17/2020 Date 17.06.2020]

Notification [Memo No VUIR/Noti./C0140/2020 dated 10.06.2020

Notification regarding Aabasan Committees for Bankim Chandra Aabasan and Sharat Chandra Aabasan Committees


Income Tax Circular 2020-21

Declaration Format regarding confinement

Notification [Memo No.: DDEVU/Dir-03/ 20 Dated 31.05.2020]

Notification [ Ref. No: VU/CE/LD/GD/1/5/2020 Date - 29/05/2020]

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C129/2020 Dated : 28.05.2020)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./475/2020 Dated : 27.05.2020)

Notification regarding COVID Cell [Ref. No VU/R/Noti./466/2020 Dated 15.05.2020]

Public Notice of UGC regarding redressal of grievances related to COVID-19 pandemic [No.F.1-1/2020(Secy) Dated 10.05.2020]

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./464/2020 Dated : 14.05.2020)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./452/2020 Dated : 12.05.2020)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./449/2020 Dated : 12.05.2020)

Advisory for constitution of COVID Cell (Ref. No. VU/IC/Covid/2/2020 Dated: 10.05.2020)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./445/2020 Dated : 07.05.2020)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./436/2020 Dated : 01.05.2020)

Declaration for material to be brought into the University campus during this lockdown period

NOTIFICATION (Memo No. VU/R/Noti./428/2020 D Dated: 22.04.2020)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./423/2020 Dated : 21.04.2020)

NOTIFICATION (Ref No : VU/R/Noti./417/2020 Dated : 11/04/2020)

Notice for students related to the online class routine

Notification regarding the submission of M.Phil and Ph.D dissertations [Memo No VU/R/Noti/416/2020 Dated 10.04.2020]

Donation towards the West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund 2020 by UCO Bank , Vidyasagar University Branch

Receipt of donation towards the West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund 2020

Official Announcement for University YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Psychological counseling to combat the mental problems emerged due to the covid 19 (Memo No : VU/MO/21/2020 Dated : 03-04-2020)

Notification regarding contribution to the Chief Minister's Relief Fund (Memo No. VU/R/Noti./408/2020 Dated: 03.04.2020)

Notification regarding Remote Access Facility for using e-resources (Memo No. VU/R/Noti./407/2020 Dated: 03.04.2020)

Notification [Memo No VU/R/Noti/366/2020 Dated 19.03.2020]

Notification [Memo No VU/R/Noti/370/2020 Dated 19.03.2020]

Notification regarding the renewal of books at the Central Library [Ref. No VU/CL/Noti/39/20 Date 17.03.2020]

Result of Course work for PhD Programme [Ref. No. VU/R/PhD/325/20 Dated: 17.03.2020]

Notification [Dated 16.03.2020]

Notification PhD

Result of course work for PhD Programme [Ref. No. VU/R/PhD/275/20 Dated: 12.03.2020]

Notification of Novel Corona Virus [Dated: 06.03.2020]

Notification [Ref. No.: VU/FO/1191/2020 Date : 19/02/2020]

Notification [ Ref. No VU/FO/Noti/1189/20 Dated 18.02.2020]

Result of Course Work for Ph.D. Programme [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./189/20 Date : 18.02.2020]

Result of Course Work for Ph.D. Programme [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./188/20 Date : 17.02.2020]

Result of Course Work For Ph. D. Programme (Political Science) [Ref No. VU/R/Ph.D. /155/20]

Result of Course Work For Ph.D Programme [Ref. No VU/R/Ph.D/153/20 Dated 12.02.2020]

Corrigendum [Ref. NO VU/PG/19/20 Date 24.01.2020]

Notification for cancellation of admission [Ref. No VU/PG/16/20 Date-22.01.2020]

Notification regarding download the e-content (SLM) for the academic session 2019-2020 (Part - I) for the students of DDE. [Ref. No. : VU/DDE/D/651/2020; dated 20/01/2020]

Enlisted Vendors for selling of University Scrap Items [Ref. No.: VU/FO/121/2020 Date : 16-01-2020]

NOTIFICATION [ Memo No.: VU/R/Noti/48/2020 Date : 13.01.2020]

NOTIFICATION [ Memo No.: VU/R/Noti/47/2020 Date : 13.01.2020]

Notification regarding Departmental Student Grievance Redressal Committee ( Memo No VU/R/Noti/20/2020 Dates 10.01.2020]

Notification [Memo No.: VU/R/8EC-29/C0016/2020 Date : 10.01.2020]

Notification regarding Collegiate Student Grievance Redressal Committee ( Memo No VU/R/Noti/30/2020 Dates 10.01.2020]

Notification regarding University Student Grievance Redressal Committee ( Memo No VU/R/Noti/31/2020 Dates 10.01.2020]

Notification regarding Institutional Student Grievance Redressal Committee ( Memo No VU/R/Noti/30/2020 Dates 10.01.2020]

Notification [Memo No.:VU/R/PhD/27/19 Date : 07.01.2020]

Result of Course work for Ph.D Programme [ Ref. No VU/R/Ph.D/1398/19 Date 30.12.19]

Calendar 2020

Notification [Memo No.: VU/R/Noti/1959/2019 dated : 24.12.2019]

Notification [Memo No.: VU/R/Noti/1957/2019 dated : 24.12.2019]

Notification [Memo No.: VU/R/C0560/2019 dated : 23.12.2019]

Notification [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./1320/19 Date: 19.12.2019]

NOTIFICATION [Memo No.: VU/R/Noti/C0574/2019 Date: 20.12.2019]

Notification [Memo No VU/R/Noti/1848/2019 Dated 06.12.2019]

NOTIFICATION [Ref. No. : VU/R/Noti./1847/2019 Date : 05.12.2019]

Notification [Memo No VU/R/Noti./1803/2019 Dated 25.11.2019]

Notification [Ref. No VU/FO/Notice/850/2019 Date 22/11/2019]

Result of Course Work for Ph.D programme (Fisheries Science) [Ref. No VU/R/Ph.D/1165/2019 Date 18.11.2019]

Notification [Ref. NO VC/Secy./Notice/Gen-15/2019 Date 22.11.2019]

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D. work during the period 13.09.2019 to 06.11.2019 (Memo No : VU/R/Ph.D./1191/19 Dated : 20.11.2019)

Revised CENTREX Telephone Directory - Vidyasagar University

Notification [ Memo No VU/R/Off-Or./1685/2019 Dated 20.11.2019]

Notification [ Memo No VU/R/Noti/1703/2019 Dated 18/11/2019]

Amendment in the Ph.D Regulations, 2016 of Vidyasagar University vide Clause 7.3 [ Memo No VU/R/Noti./C0394/2019 Dated 03.09.2019]

Notification [Memo No VU/R/Off-Or./1689/2019 Dated 14.11.2019]

Notification [Ref. No VC/Secy/Notice/Gen-14/2019 Date 14.11.2019]

Notification [Memo No.: VU/R/8EC-28/C0502/2019 Date : 06.11.2019]

Result of Course Work for Ph.D. Programme [Ref No.: VU/R/Ph.D./1112/19 Date : 05/11/2019]

Notification [Memo No.: VU/R/Noti./1646/2019 Date : 06.11.2019]

Circular [Ref No.: VU/FO/Advt./748/2019 Dated : 25.10.2019]

Notification [Memo No.: VU/R/Noti/1605/2019 Dated 25.10.2019]

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D. work during the period 12.07.2019 to 12.09.2019 (Memo No : VU/R/Ph.D./1020/19 Dated : 25.09.2019)

Office Order [Memo No. VU/R/Off-Or/1467/2019 Dated: 12.09.2019

Notification [memo No VU/R/Noti/1427/2019 Dated 11.09.2019]

Notice regarding newly installed BSNL CENTREX Telephone System (Memo No. : VU/R/Noti./1398/2019 dated 03.09.2019)

Notification [Memo No VU/R/Noti/1401/2019 Dated 03.09.2019]

Amendment in the Ph.D Regulations, 2016 of Vidyasagar University vide Clause 7.3 [Memo No VU/R/Noti./C0394/2019 Dated 03.09.2019]

Notification (Ref No : VU/R/Ph.D./911/19 Dated : 22.08.2019)

Corrigendum regarding increase of intake capacity of Evening PG Courses under CCAE (Ref No : VU/CCAE/106/2019 Dated : 19.08.2019)

Circular (Ref. No VU/FO/Advt/501/2019 13.08.2019]

Notification [Memo No- VU/R/Noti/1265/2019 Dated 13.08.2019]

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D. work during the period 19.06.2019 to 11.07.2019 (Memo No : VU/R/Ph.D./822/19 Dated : 26.07.2019)

Hon'ble Chancellor has conveyed his best wishes to all members of the University

Circular [Memo No VU/R/Circular/8EC-25/C0360/2019 Dated 30.07.2019]

Notification [Memo No VU/R/Noti/1188/2019 Dated 31.07.2019]


Notification [memo No VU/R/Off-Or./1003/2019 Dated 05.07.2019]

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./8EC-25/C0308/2019 Dated : 03.07.2019 )

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C0312/2019 Dated : 03.07.2019)

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D. work during the period 23.04.2019 to 18.06.2019 (Memo No : VU/R/Ph.D./720/19 Dated : 02.07.2019)

Amendment in the Ph.D Regulation, 2016 of Vidyasagar University vide Clause 5.3 [Memo No VU/R/Noti/C0285/2019 Dated 28.06.2019]

Notification [Memo No VU/R/Noti/959/2019 Dated 26.06.2019]

Notification [Memo No VU/R/Noti./976/2017 Dated 25.06.2019]

Notification [Memo No VU/R/Noti/956/2019 Dated 20.06.2019]

Notification [Memo No VU/R/Noti/C0266/19 Dated 18.06.2019]

Notification (Ref No :VU/R/C0259/2019 Dated : 14.06.2019)

Academic Calendar (2019-2020) in Women's Studies Centre, Vidyasagar University.

Notification [Memo No VU/R/Off-Or./860/2019 Dated 04.06.2019]

Notification [Memo No VU/R/Notice/CON/C0239/2019 Dated 28.05.2019]

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D. work during the period 27.02.2019 to 22.04.2019 (Memo No : VU/R/Ph.D./440/19 Dated : 15.05.2018)

Notification [Memo No VU/R/Noti/8EC-24/C0171/2019 Dated 29.04.2019]

Notification [Ref. No VU/R/Noti./C0171/2019 Dated 22.04.2019]

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C0160/2019 Dated : 08.04.2019)

Notification (Ref No : VU/R/Noti./475/2019 Dated : 20.03.2019)

Notification regarding the schedule of University Bus Service (Memo No ; VU/R/Noti./467/2019 Dated : 20.03.2019)

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D. work during the period 22.01.2019 to 26.02.2019 (Memo No : VU/R/Ph.D./313/19 Dated : 15.03.2018)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C0132/2019 Dated : 12.03.2019)

Rules for the progression to the Higher Semester under CBCS at Undergraduate level (Memo No : VU/IC/Aff. Coll./059/2019 Dated : 11.03.2019)

Office Order (Memo No : VU/R/Off-Or./418/2019 Dated : 08.03.2018)

Notification [ Memo VU/R/Noti./C0120/2019 Dated 07.03.2019]

Office Order [Memo No VU/R/Off-Or/408/2019 Dated 06.03.2019]

Office Order [memo No VU/R/Off-Or/409/2019 Dated 06.03.2019]

Notification (Memo No. : VU/R/Ph.D/245/2019 Dated 28.02.2019)

Notification [ Memo No VU/R/Noti/C0096/2019 Dated 27.02.2019]

NOTIFICATION (VU/R/Noti./259/2019 Dated: 13.02.2019)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/C0085/2019 Dated : 19.02.2019)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/C0086/2019 Dated : 19.02.2019)

P.R.G [Ref. No VU/FO/988/2019 , Dated 15.02.2019]

Notification (Ref No : VU/R/Noti./C0080/2019 Dated : 13.02.2019)

Notification [ Memo No VU/R/Noti/218/2019 Dated 04.02.2019]

Notification regarding the schedule of University Bus Service [Memo No VU/R/Noti/2016/2019 Dated 31.01.2019]

Notification Regarding the uploading of the Notifications on the University website [Ref. No VU/R/Noti/178/2019 Dated 30.01.2019]

Notification related to the extension of time of the library services (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./179/2019 Dated : 21.01.2019)

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D. work during the period 28.11.2018 to 21.01.2019 (Memo No : VU/R/Ph.D./101/19 Dated : 24.01.2018)

DVD of the Documentary film on Vidyasagar University titled "Empowerment Through Knowledge" is available at the Grantha Guchha, Vidyasagar University

Ph.D. Course Work in Bio-Medical Laboratory Science and Management (Ref No : VU/BMLSM/PG/178/19 Dated : 21.01.19)

Bus Circular [Memo No : VU/R/Cir./059/2019 Dated 09.01.2019]

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C0567/2018 Dated :21.12.2018)

Office Order for new trip of University Bus Service (VU/R/Off-Or./1857/2018 Dated : 20.12.2018)

Notification for arranging the safe disposal of samples and chemicals (Memo No. VU/R/Invt./1839/2018 Dated: 14.12.2018)

Provisional result of Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) 2nd. 4th , 6th Semester Examination 2018

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D. work during the period 28.09.2018 to 27.11.2018 (Memo No : VU/R/Ph.D./1302/18 Dated : 04.12.2018)

NOTIFICATION (Memo No. VU/R/Noti./1694/2018 Dated: 20.11.2018)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Off-Or./1680/2018 Dated : 16.11.2018)

Notification related to the writing of Ph.D. Thesis (Ref No : VU/R/Ph.D./1215/18 Dated : 12.11.2018)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./1658/2018 Dated : 12.11.2018)

Notification (Memo No. VU/R/C0471/2018 dated 09.10.2018)

Notification (Memo No.: VU/R/Noti./C0469 /2018 Dated 05.10.2018)

Office Order [Ref No VU/R/Off-Or/1510/2018 Dated 03.10.2018]

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D. work during the period 17.08.2018 to 27.09.2018 (Memo No : VU/R/Ph.D./1177/18 Dated : 01.10.2018)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C0465/2018 Dated : 28.09.2018)

Notification related to the Swami Vivekananda Merit-cum-Means Scholarship (Memo No : VU/R/C0462/2018 Dated : 25.09.2018)

Notification [Ref. No VU/R/Noti/1445/2018 dated 20/09/2018]

Notification [Memo No :- VU/R/Noti/C0452/2018 Dated 17.09.2018]

Notification regarding Swami Vivekananda Merit cum Means Scholarship Scheme for Non-NET and NET-LS candidates for pursuing full-time Ph.D./ M.Phil [Memo No VU/R/C0447/2018 Dated 12/09/2018]

Notification (Memo No. : VU/R/Noti./1335/2018 Dated 09.09.2018)

Notice regarding the newly joined Controller of Examinations (Ref No : VU/R/Off-Or./1324/2018 Dated : 07.09.2018)

Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship(PMRF) for direct admission to the Ph.D. program at IISc, IITs, and IISERs

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D. work during the period 12.07.2018 to 16.08.2018 (Memo No : VU/R/Ph.D./1055/18 Dated : 21.08.2018)

Office Order (Memo No : VU/R/Off-Or./1288/2018 Dated : 04.09.2018)

Notification [ Ref. VU/IC/NWAC/681/2018 Dated - 05/09/2018]

Notification (VU/R/Noti./C0428/2018 Dated : 29.08.2018)

Notification regarding the use of USIC facilities [Ref. No VU/IC/mail/673/2018 Dated -24/08/2018]

Notification [Ref. No VU/R/Noti/1138/2018 Dated 07.08.2018]

Result of 23rd Shaheed Prodyat Bhattacharya Memorial Essay competition 2017 (Ref No : VU/DSW/453/2018)

Corrigendum Notice [Dated 26/07/18]

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./1066/2018 Dated : 30.07.2018)

Notification [Memo No VU/R/Noti/C0357/2018 Dated Dated 19.07.2018]

Notification regarding observation of 'No Vehicle Day' (Memo No.: VU/R/Noti./C0360/2018 Dated 20.07.2018)

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D. work during the period 25.05.2018 to 11.07.2018 (Memo No : VU/R/Ph.D./868/18 Dated : 16.07.2018)

RESULT OF COURSE WORK FOR Ph.D.PROGRAMME, 2016 (REF NO : VU/R/PH.D./851,852/18 DATED : 12.07.2018)

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D. work during the period 05.04.2018 to 24.05.2018 (Memo No : VU/R/Ph.D./867/18 Dated : 16.07.2018)

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D. work during the period 21.02.2018 to 04.04.2018 (Memo No : VU/R/Ph.D./866/18 Dated : 16.07.2018)

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D. work during the period 25.01.2018 to 20.02.2018 (Memo No : VU/R/Ph.D./865/18 Dated : 16.07.2018)

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D. work during the period 29.12.2017 to 24.01.2018 (Memo No : VU/R/Ph.D./864/18 Dated : 16.07.2018)

CGST & SGST Exemption under GST for Public Funded Research Institution (PFRI) covered under DSIR certification (Ref. No.- VU/FO/Notification/ 252/2018 Dated:- 13.07.2018)

Notification [Memo No VU/R/8EC-18/Noti/C0336/2018 Dated 12/07/2018]

Notification regarding admission to the UG and PG courses in the affiliated General Degree Colleges

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C0334/2018 Dated : 10.07.2018)

Notification regarding NO AC Day [ Ref.No VU/R/Noti/968/2018 Dated 10/07/2018]

Notification [Ref.No VU/R/Noti/C0332/2018 Dated 04/07/2018]

Office Order [Ref. No VU/R/Off-Ord/928/2018 Dated 04/07/2018]

Notification [Ref. No VU/R/Ph.D./721/2018 Dated 27/06/2018]

Notification [Ref. No VU/R/Ph.D./719/2018 Dated 27/06/2018]

Office Order [Ref. No VU/R/Off-Or/845/2018 Dated 15/06/2018]

Office Order [ Ref. No VU/R/Off-Or/843/2018 Dated 14.06.2018]

Notification [Ref. No VU/R/Noti/832/2018 Dated 13/06/2018]

Notice [Ref.No VU/FO/177/2018 Dated 13.06.2018]

Notification regarding Publication Committee [Ref.No VU/R/Noti/802/2018 Dated 07.06.2018]

Notification regarding NO AC Day [Ref. No VU/R/Noti/801/2018 Dated 07.06.2018[

Notification regarding Online booking of the Smart Classrooms [ Ref. No VU/R/Noti/807/2018 Dated - 07.06.2018]

Notification [memo No VU/R/Noti/0742/2018 Dated 01.06.2018]

Notification [Ref. No VU/R/Noti/738/2018 Dated 30.05.2018]

Notification (Memo No : VU/VC/SO/Noti.-01/2018 Dated : 29.05.2018)

Notification for all the employees of this University (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./725/2018 Dated : 25.05.2018)

Notification regarding establishment of Research Centre in Prabhat Kumar College, Contai affiliated to Vidyasagar University(Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C0244/2018 Dated : 23.05.2018)

Notification regarding the Ph.D. Admission of foreign students

Notification regarding establishment of "Centre for Adivasi Studies and Museum"

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C0224/2018 Dated : 04.05.2018)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./620/2018 Dated : 03.05.2018)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/8EC-16/C0221/2018 Dated : 03.05.2018)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C0217/2018 Dated : 23.04.2018)

Notification regarding the establishment of "Continuing and Adult Education Centre" (Memo No : VU/R/8EC-16/Noti./C0206/2018 Dated : 13.04.2018)

New GST Registration No. of Vidyasagar University (Ref No : VU/FO/25/2018 Dated : 13.04.2018)


Notification related to the booking of Smart Classroom (Memo No : VU/R/Invt./365/2018 Dated : 22.03.2018)

Notification regarding appointing the research scholars as PCP counsellor and examiner at Directorate of Distance Education, Vidyasagar University

Schedule for University Shuttle (0141)

Office Order (Memo No : VU/R/Off-Or./276/2018 Dated : 21.02.2018)

Office Order (Memo No : VU/R/Off-Or./237/2018 Dated : 16.02.2018)

Notification regarding the constitution of Inspection Team pertaining to establishment of Research Centre for pursuing Ph.D. Programmes in Humanities and Social Science in Midnapore College (Autonomous) (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C0066/2018 Dated : 09.02.2018)

Notification regarding the constitution of Inspection Team pertaining to establishment of Research Centre for pursuing Ph.D. Programmes in Science in Raja N. L. Khan Womens' College (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C0065/2018 Dated : 15.02.2018)

Notification regarding the constitution of Inspection Team pertaining to establishment of Research Centre for pursuing Ph.D. Programmes in Humanities in Raja N. L. Khan Womens' College (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C0064/2018 Dated : 09.02.2018)

Notification regarding re-designation of different officers (Memo No : VU/R/150/2018 Dated : 02.02.2018)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./211/2018 Dated : 12.02.2018)

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D work during the period 30.10.2017 to 28.12.2017 (Memo No : VU/R/Ph.D./128/18 Dated : 17.01.2018)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./98/2018 dated : 18.01.2018)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./86/2018 Dated : 17.01.2018)

Notification regarding collection of Certificate for the students who completed their Master Degree under Distance Mode in 2013, 2014 and 2015

Notification regarding University shuttle service [ Memo No - VU/R/Noti/1669/2017 Dated 28/12/2017]

RESULT OF COURSE WORK FOR Ph.D.PROGRAMME,2015 (REF NO : VU/R/Ph.D./1130/17 DATED : 15.12.2017)


Notification regarding the guideline for continuation and disbursement of Non-NET and NET-LS Fellowships

Notification(Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C0498/2017 Dated : 01.12.2017)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./1549/2017 Dated : 30.11.2017)

Notification regarding 'Leave Management System' (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./1533/2017 Dated : 29.11.2017)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/8EC-12/Noti./C0495/2017 Dated : 29.11.2017)

Office Order (Memo No : VU/R/Off-Or./1518/2017 Dated : 28.11.12017)

RESULT OF COURSE WORK FOR Ph.D. PROGRAMME, 2015 & 2016 IN SOCIOLOGY (VU/R/Ph.D./1019 & 1020/17 Dated : 23.11.2017)

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D work during the period 29.07.2017 to 30.10.2017 (Memo No : VU/R/Ph.D./1012/17 Dated : 21.11.2017)

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D work during the period 30.06.2017 to 28.07.2017 (Memo No : VU/R/Ph.D./1011/17 Dated : 21.11.2017)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/8EC-12/Noti./C0461/2017 Dated : 17.11.2017)

Notification regarding publication of official notification [Ref. No VU/DDE/1013/notification/2017 Dated-17//11/2017]

Notification regarding Library facility for DDE Students

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/8EC-10/Noti./C0418/2017 Dated : 12.102017)

Notification for Course Work Classes of Ph.D. Programme of 2016 and 2017 batches in Chemistry (Ref No : VU/R/Ph.D./827/17 Dated : 20.09.2017)

Notification for Identity cum Library card for the Research Scholar [Ref. No VU/R/Ph.D/826/2017 Dated - 18.09.2017]

Notification regarding the Ph.D submission guidelines [Memo No - VU/R/Noti/C0411/2017 Dated 15.09.2017]

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./1152/2017 Dated : 14.09.2017)

Notification [Memo No - VU/R/Noti/1154/2017 Dated 14/09/2017]

Notification [Memo No - VU/R/Noti/1131/2017 Dated 14/09/2017]

Notification [Memo No - VU/R/Noti/1130/2017 Dated 14/09/2017]

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./8EC-10/C0403/2017 Dated : 06.09.2017)

IGST Exemption/ Concession under GST on purchase of Equipments covered under DSIR certification (Ref No : VU/FO/384/2017 Dated : 01.09.2017)

Notice (Memo No : VU/CE/Noti./455/17 Dated : 04.09.2017)

Notification (Ref No : VU/R/1033/2017 Dated : 28.08.2017)

Notification regarding revised bus fare [ Memo No VU/R/Noti/C0377/2017 Dated 18.08.2017]

Circular (Memo No : VU/R/Cir./940/2017 Dated : 10.08.2017)

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D work during the period 04.05.2017 to 05.07.2017 (Memo No : VU/R/Ph.D./578/17 Dated : 01.08.2017)

Notification (Memo No VU/R/Noti/843/2017 Dated : 27.072017)

Matter regarding regulation of the ceiling prices for the coronary stent implantation

Notification regarding Pest Control Measure [ Memo No VU/R/Noti/839/2017 Dated 27/07/2017]

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./793/2017 Dated : 17.07.2017)

Notification [Ref. No VU/R/Off-or/783/2017 Dated 17/07/2017]

An article published about Vidyasagar university in the Biplabi Midnapore Times on 16th July ,2017

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Off-Or./798/2017 Dated : 17.07.2017)

Notification (VU/R/Off-Or./784/2017 Dated : 17.07.2017)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./789/2017 Dated : 13.07.2017)

Notification regarding financial assistance for M.Phil. and Ph.D. candidates (Ref No VU/R/WC-07/C0313/2017 Dated : 13.07.2017)

Notification for providing financial assistance to full time non-NET research scholars persuing M.Phil or Ph.D. (Memo No : VU/R/WC-07/C0311/2017 Dated : 12.07.2017)

Office Order (Memo No : VU/R/Off-Or./755/2017 Dated : 07.07.2017)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C307/2017 Dated : 06.07.2017)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Off-Or.717/2017 Dated : 03.07.2017)

Notification regarding Goods and Services Tax (GST) [ Ref. No VU/FO/204/2017 Dated - 29/06/2017]

Special Notification [Ref. No VU/DR/SN/400/2017 Dated - 28.06.2017]

Result of course work for Ph.D. Programme, 2015 (Physiology)

Notification (Memo No : VU/DR/Noti./378/2017 Dated : 19.06.2017)

Notification(Memo No : VU/R/Off-Or./640/2017 Dated : 15.06.2017)

Notification [ Memo No VU/R/Noti./559/2017 Dated 30.05.2017]

Regulations for Maintenance of Students' Discipline [Memo No VU/R/8EC-08/C0232/2017 Dated 25.05.2017]

Rules & Regulations for the boarders of Hostels [ Memo No VU/R/8EC-08/C0233/2017 Dated 25.05.2017]

Circular regarding the retirement age of employees(Memo No : VU/R/8EC-07/C0221/2017 Dated : 22.05.2017)

Notification regarding the installation of AC in the residential campus [Ref. No VU/R/Noti/C201/17 Dated - 08.05.201]

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D work during the period 22.03.2017 to 03.05.2017 (Memo No : VU/R/Ph.D./365/17 Dated : 4.04.2017)

Notification regarding use of Email Address of the Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor (Memo No : VC/SECY./NOTICE/GEN-07(1-7)/2017 Dated : 24.04.2017)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/8EC-07/Noti./C0188/2017 Dated : 21.04.2017)

Notification related to the inspection and recognition of research centre by Vidyasagar University

Interview of SAE(Civil) and Electrical Helper(Electrical) (Vide Emp No : VU/R/Advt./0397/2017 Dated : 10.04.2017) has kept in abeyance now

Gazette Notification of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act , 2016

Notification related to new price list for food service by Aranyak Guest House and the Dulung Canteen (Memo No : VU/R/Off-Or/408/2017 Dated : 17.04.2017)

Result of Course Work for Ph.D. Programme, 2016 in Chemistry

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/8EC-07/Noti./C0173/2017 Dated : 12.04.2017)

Office Order (Memo No : VU/R/Off-Or./388/2017 Dated : 10.04.2017)

Office Order (Memo No : VU/R/Off-Or./374/2017 Dated : 10.04.2017)

Notification for booking and use of the rooms/halls established as "Smart Classrooms" (Memo No : VU/R/8EC-07/Noti./C0148/2017 Dated : 06.04.2017)

Notification regarding revised regulation related to Ph.D. , M.Phil. , D.Litt. and D.Sc. (Memo No : VU/R/8EC-05/Noti./C0163/2017 Dated : 06.04.2017)

Notification regarding the release of "Vidyasagar Rachanasamagra"

Office Order (VU/R/Off-Or./368/2017 Dated : 04.04.2017)

Notification regarding smart card based attendance system (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./365/2017 Dated : 03.04.2017)

Notification regarding affiliation of B.Ed. & M.Ed. Courses related to Vidyasagar University

Office Order [Memo No - VU/R/Off-Or/343/2017 Dated 31.03.2017]

Notification regarding the procedure and steps to login and access individual records related to smart card based attendance system in Vidyasagar University

Office Order (Memo No : VU/R/Off-Or./342/2017 Dated : 28.03.2017)

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D work during the period 28.01.2017 to 21.03.2017 (Memo No : VU/R/Ph.D./249/17 Dated : 24.03.2017)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C0121/2017 Dated : 14.03.2017)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C0101/2017 Dated : 01.03.2017)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C0100/2017 Dated : 01.03.2017)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C0098/2017 Dated : 01.03.2017)

Notification regarding the smart card based attendance system [ Memo No VU/R/Noti/214/2017 Dated 28.02.2017]

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./210/2017 Dated : 27.02.2017)

Notification regarding attendance with smart card for all contractual employees (Memo No : VU/R/C0089/2017 Dated : 22.02.2017)

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D work during the period 08.12.2016 to 27.01.2017

Notification regarding Smart Card [ Memo No VU/R/C0074/2017 Dated 15.02.2017]

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/8EC-05/Noti./C0029/2017 Dated : 17.01.2017)

Result of Vidyasagar Yuva Mahotsava held on Decebmber 27-31, 2016

Notification [ Memo No VU/R/Noti./0011/2017 Dated 02/01/2017]

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D work during the period 30.08.2016 to 07.12.2016

Notification regarding declaration of holiday on 12th December,2016 and 13th December,2016 (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./1401/2016 Dated : 08.12.2016)

Notification regarding the General strike [ Ref No – VU/R/1320/2016 , Date – 27/11/2016]

Notification Regarding Appointment of Dean (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C535/2016 Dated : 25.11.2016)

Notification Regarding Enrollment fees for B.Ed. Course (Memo No : VU/R/C506/2016 Dated : 10.11.2016)

Notification regarding leave application(Memo No : VU/R/Noti./1272/2016 Dated : 16.11.2016)

Notification regarding Medical Officer [Ref. No - VU/R/NotI/1271/2016 Dated - 11.11.2016]

Notification regarding University Store [Ref. No - VU/R/nOTI/1265/2016 Dated - 10.11.2016]

Office Order [ Ref. No - VU/R/Off-Or./1251/2016 Dated -08/11/2016]

Notification Regarding the opening of "University Store" (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./1235/2016 Dated : 02.11.2016)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./1130/2016 Dated : 04.10.2016)

Office Order (Memo No : VU/R/Off-Or./1123/2016 Dated : 28.09.2016)

Fees Structure of Different Inspections by the Vidyasagar University (Memo No : VU/R/8EC-03/Circular/C448/2016 Dated : 23.09.2016)

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D work during the period 22.07.2016 to 23.08.2016

Appeal for registration under NDL

Result of Course Work fo Ph.D. Programme, 2015 (BIO-MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE & MANAGEMENT)

Result of Course Work fo Ph.D. Programme, 2014 (BIO-MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE & MANAGEMENT)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./995/2016 Dated : 30.08.2016)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C401/2016 Dated : 23.08.2016)

Office Order (VU/R/Off-Or./908/2016 Dated : 08.08.2016)

Panel of names of selected candidates (Third Phase) [Ref. Notification for walk in interview No -VU/R/Advt/578/2016 Dated - 06.06.2016]

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D work during the period 31.05.2016 to 21.07.2016

Office Order [Memo No - VU/R/Off-Or./849/2016 Dated 29.07.2016]

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D work during the period 02.04.2016 to 30.05.2016

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D work during the period 16.02.2016 to 01.04.2016

Notification regarding evening trip of the bus ' MAA JAGADDHATRI' [ Memo No VU/R/Noti/724/2016 Dated - 13.07.2016]

Notification (VU/R/Noti./C317/2016 Dated : 11.07.2016)

Notification (Ref No : VU/R/Ph.D./539/16 Dated : 27.06.2016)

Schedule of Part-II Honours practical examination for the year 2016 (Dated : June 27, 2016)

Services provided to public by Vidyasagar University with fees

Notification regarding working committee[Ref. No - VU/R/Noti/8EC-01/C290/2016 Date d- 28.06.2016]

Notification [Ref.No VU/R/Circular/C294/2016 Dated - 28.06.2016]

Notification Regarding DSW (VU/VC/Secy/Off-Or/05/2016 Dated - 28.06.2016]

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./668/2016 Dated : 27.06.2016)

Notification regarding integrated M.Phil-Ph.D. programme in Life Sciences(Memo No : VU/R/Noti/653/2016 Dated : 21.06.2016)


Group Mediclaim policy on Floater Basis

Notification regarding WI-FI Access for LAN and Internet facilities

Fresh Notification regarding formation of the Eight Court (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C235/2016 Dated 26.05.2016) and the Eighth Executive Council (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C236/2016 Dated 26.05.2016) of the Vidyasagar University

Notification regarding the schedule of Visiting Hours with Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor (Ref No : VC/SECY./Notification-1/2016 Dated :25.05.2016)

Notification (Ref No : VU/R/Noti./C230/2016 dated : 25.05.2016)

Notification regarding Dean ,Faculty Council for Post Graduate Studies in Arts & Commerce [ Memo No - VU/R/Noti/538/2016 Dated - 24.05.2016]

Notification regarding Dean , Faculty Council of Post Graduate Studies in Science (Memo No - VU/R/Noti/523/2016 Dated 19.05.2016)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C173/2016 Dated : 28/04/2016)

Notification regarding registration of the two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles of all stakeholders of this University for smooth entry and exit from the University gates.

Notification regarding revision of different fees, honorarium etc . for Ph.D. Programme of Vidyasagar University

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C129/2016 Dated : 05.04.2016)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./343/2016 Dated : 30.03.2016)

Office Order (Memo No : VU/R/Off-Or./330/2016 Dated : 28.03.2016)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/7EC-41/Noti./C107/2016 Dated : 28.03.2016)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C103/2016 Dated : 21.03.2016)

Notification regarding Family Pension for life to the handicapped children (suffering from mental or physical disorder/disability) of the employees of the State-aided Universities in West-Bengal

Notification regarding Central Selection Committee for admission to B.Ed course - 2016-2017

Office Order (Memo No : VU/R/Off-Or./277/2016 Dated : 02.03.2016)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C070/2016 Dated : 08.03.2016)

Office Order [ Memo No - VU/R/Off-Or/267/2016 Dated - 02.03.2016]

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./274/2016 Dated : 02.03.2016)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./275/2016 Dated : 02.03.2016)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C065/2016 Dated : 29.02.2016)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./264/2016 Dated : 26.02.2016)

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D work during the period 26.01.2016 to 15.02.2016

Guidelines for Personal Research Grant for Teachers of the University (Effective from 2015-2016)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./0194/2016 Dated : 10/02/2016)

Notification (Memo No : VU/VC/OSD/Notification-3/2016 Dated : 10.02.2016)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./0159/2016 Dated : 03.02.2016)

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./0158/2016 Dated : 08.02.2016)

Office Order [ Ref. No - VU/R/Off-Or/156/2016 Dated - 08.02.2016 ]

Office Order [ Ref. No - VU/R/Off-Or/155/2016 Dated - 08.02.2016 ]

Office Order [ Ref. No - VU/R/Off-Or/140/2016 Dated - 02.02.2016 ]

Office Order [Memo No - VU/R/Off.Or/125/2015 Dated - 01.02.2016]

Office Order [ Memo No - VU/R/Off-Or/123/2016 Dated - 01.02.2016]

Notification Regarding Working Committee of NSS [Memo No - VU/R/Noti/0110/2016 Dated - 30.01.2016]

List of Candidates completed their Ph.D work during the period 29.12.2015 to 25.01.2016

Notice (Ref No : VU/R/0094/2016 Dated : 25.01.2016)

Convocation Notification Dated 27.01.2016

Notification (Memo No : VU/R/Noti./92/2016 Dated : 25.01.2016)

Notification Regarding the Groups of Citizens under Exempted Category

Notification Regarding Purchase upto Rs. 1,00,000/- through enlisted Vendors

Notification regarding the procedure for obtaining Different types of Certificate

An appeal to all members of the Vidyasagar University community and its affiliated institutions by Prof. Ranjan Chakrabarti, The Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor of Vidyasagar University




IGST Exemption/ Concession under GST on purchase of Equipments covered under DSIR certification (Ref No : VU/FO/384/2017 Dated : 01.09.2017)

Notification(Memo No : VU/R/Noti./C0498/2017 Dated : 01.12.2017)